Pic_Index now BeagleBoard compatible

A is for Application, B is for BeagleBoard, C is for Crikey this is a bit tenuous!

Pic_Index is an application developed by John Williams to generate a thumbnail index for a set of JPEG files, in HTML format – ideal for use as gallery pages on websites, CD ROMs, or anywhere else the user might wish to store the images and resulting HTML.

During April, it emerged during a discussion on the usenet group comp.sys.acorn.misc that Pic_Index didn’t work on the BeagleBoard. It turns out this was due to some of the binary utilities used within the application not being ARM-v7 compatible, and there was a potential issue with the use of the Dr Wimp BASIC library; this was updated in January to cope with Fat32 filing systems, as found on the BeagleBoard (and ARMini).

John has therefore updated Pic_Index to use the latest version of Dr Wimp, and Chris Johnson helpfully updated some of the utilities used by the application. Version 1.24b is therefore now available, which should work on the more modern machines.

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