64GB additional storage for ARMX6 at the Southwest Show

Anyone who purchases R-Comp‘s ARMSX ARMX6 computer at this Saturday’s show will walk away with a slightly better machine than the standard specification. That’s because the company will be including an additional 64GB of storage – one of the optional upgrades available when purchasing the computer normally.

According to Andrew Rawnsley, this is the most common upgrade ordered with the computers, which normally ship with a 120GB solid state drive, connected to the motherboard via SATA, with a 250GB upgrade option, and a separate ‘recovery’ drive in the form of an SD card containing the default disc image, etc.

The 64GB option, I gather, is an additional SD card, accessed using USB – and is a convenient location for day to day backups, thus providing increased peace of mind. (Note, though, that backups to on-board storage should not be your main – or only – backup solution.)

In addition to the additional storage facility, Andrew says all ARMX6 (and ARMini) customers qualify for an optional “R-Comp Bundle” CD, which is a bargain at just £30, since it contains several hundred pounds worth of R-Comp/RCI software.

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