Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 31st August, 2015

News nuggets for you to chew on. The last few months have been very busy with stuff unrelated to RISC OS, so unposted news – particularly smaller items – has built up again. It’s time, therefore, for a snippets post to round up these smaller items.


Important patch release for OpenVector suite

Yes, another! Christopher Martin, who recently released an “important patch release for [the] OpenVector Suite” has since released an “important patch release for [the] OpenVector Suite.” The wording of Christopher’s announcement of the release, like the title, appears to be more or less the same as the previous announcement, with the only difference being its […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 31st December, 2014

Because while no news is good news, some news is better. Or something. Keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory will no doubt have noticed that for the last couple of months they have in fact not been keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory at all. As is sometimes the case, the workload here at the Soft Rock […]


OpenVector suite 3.43 available

Two’s company, three’s a suite. A new version of the OpenVector suite is now available. The three applications that form the suite – OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus – are open source enhancements to Draw. The first two of those were originally developed by Jonathan Marten from the third, DrawPlus, and released as commercial applications by […]


OpenVector and DrawPlus gain new feature

A genuine “Nothing to see here, move along please” response to a click. Christopher Martin has released another update to OpenVector and DrawPlus, bringing them up to version 3.41.2, introducing a new feature to both, while OpenGridPro remains at version 3.41. That new feature presents itself when clicking with the Alt key held down; when […]

Mailing lists

OpenVector mailing list

Jumps out. Says “Boo!” With OpenVector and its brethren continuing to be updated by Christopher Martin, Richard Torrens has highlighted the existence of the OpenVector mailing list, which he has been running for a couple of years, and is for both existing users of the software, as well as potential new users. Richard, who also […]


OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus: Three apps, three updates

You’re once, twice, three times an upgrade. Christopher Martin has been busy of late. Not content with updates to FFmpeg, FFplay, amongst others, he has also released three updates to OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus. These three are open source enhancements to Draw, with OpenVector and OpenGridPro themselves originally being developed by Jonathan Marten from DrawPlus, […]


New versions of OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus

New versions of the three open source enhancements to draw, OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus are now available. Version 3.36 of the applications includes a number of bugfixes, such asĀ  rulers not scrolling consistently with their document windows, and text-area columns always being imported onto layer zero, and new to this version is that grid-snapping is […]