MoreKeys updated

All we need now is more fingers. Or not, since this solves that problem. Towards the end of March, Rick Murray released a new application designed to make it easier to enter ‘extended’ characters, those not normally found on a standard keyboard – solving the problem of having to remember which key combination or sequence […]


David Pilling address change

RIP PO Box 22. After 25 years of service, David Pilling – developer of Spark, Ovation Pro, and much more, has announced that he is no longer operating the PO Box for postal communications, such as purchasing his software using a cheque. On what David describes as “the very light cone of software development” upgrades […]


DigitalCD and TimPlayer updates

Music to my ears. Back in April, André Timmermans announced new versions of DigitalCD and TimPlayer on the RISC OS Open forum. DigitalCD is a desktop music player for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 on, providing control panels for any CD drives connected to the computer, and any internet radio and music file […]


Lcheck updated

Not yet able to predict next week’s numbers. Kevin Wells has released a new version of his lottery syndicate checking application, Lcheck. Written to work for the UK National Lottery, Thunderball and Euro Millions draws, Lcheck will compare your syndicate numbers to see if they match the numbers from those draws, bringing any lines that […]


BBFlash updated

BBFlash… Aa-aah… It saved every ROM image! BBFlash is an application designed to write all of the files needed to boot a BeagleBoard or BeagleBoard-xM to a suitable memory card – a micro SD, micro SDSC, SD, SDHC or MMC. It allows you to use a FAT formatted card, with no need to reformat it […]


Absoluately new

Absoluately fabuluas. RiscLua is a dialect of Lua adapted for use on RISC OS computer systems, and its maintainer, Gavin Wraith, has reorganised the download page on the RiscLua website, and added a handy new application for developers using the language. The download page now has the distribution split into separate, smaller zip files containing […]


MonopolyCal – a Monopoly calculator

Removing the monetary monotony. And all the moaning. I like playing Monopoly – but I don’t like messing around with the money, and the inevitable problems it causes. I find that some people become impatient and carry on with their turns while other players are still sorting out a property purchase, a rent payment, or […]


Wakefield 2012 show report

Yet another better late than never report! The last fortnight or so has been a busy one for me, and a major contributor to that has been the annual Wakefield Show, organised as usual by the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC), and held at the Cedar Court Hotel. The show took place on Saturday […]


Wakefield is just about upon us

So there’s no time for even a snifter of a snippet. As usual, in the run up to the annual Wakefield Show, the premier event in the land of RISC OS, announcements and updates are ten-a-penny. And, as usual, I am exhibiting at the show with my Soft Rock Software hat on. This normally means […]


Changes are afoot at

That’s the way the cookie crumbles. From Tuesday, 1st May, 2012, the policy for user comments on is changing, and Google adverts will be disappearing. Previously, any user who wished to comment on an article needed to sign in to post their comment – which, obviously, meant they first needed to register with the […]