More videos of Jan Vibe’s graphics masterpieces online

Richard Ashbery has struck again – and again – and uploaded two more videos to YouTube.

The graphics output of Danish programmer Jan Vibe, which used to feature regularly in the pages (and cover discs) of Acorn User magazine, were always a delight to behold – but these programs were written to run on the RISC OS computers of the time, designed with the type of displays in mind that we typically used with them, and the resolutions and colour depths that the machines could cope with.

Richard Ashbery – who publishes an Artworks graphic of the month on his ‘Artworks art works’ website – has spent some time exploring Jan’s code and updating the programs to run at 1920×1080 on his Raspberry Pi, then recording the output and uploading the resulting videos to YouTube.

Following parts one and two of this work, reported on last month, Richard has now uploaded parts three and four:

Jan Vibe’s graphics running on a Pi – part 3


Jan Vibe’s graphics running on a Pi – part 4

Richard tells me that graphics containing lines don’t render as well as colour fills, because they seem to come out a little faint, but he has included some of the best as Jan put a lot of time and effort into creating them. When run them under normal RISC OS BASIC on a widescreen monitor, he explains, they look superb.

Keep your eyes out either on Richard’s YouTube channel – or here on RISCOSitory – for parts five and six, which Richard is working on next. He is also hoping to upload some videos featuring programmed graphics of his own creation, although he says the coding “won’t be nearly as sophisticated or clever as Jan’s” – apparently, understanding the original programming has been something of a challenge, but Richard says he has learnt some useful tricks from it.

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