News bit: Descriptions and more examples on Graphics Programming site

Section 8 of Richard Ashbery’s Simple Graphics Programming in RISC OS BASIC has been updated to include descriptions of many of the graphics shapes users will encounter when using a pair of parametric equations, and some additional example images have been added towards the end.


News nybble: Parametric equations on graphics programming website

Richard Ashbery has added another section to his website on the subject of simple graphics programming in BBC BASIC V on RISC OS. Section 8 (which sounds ominously like some top secret government black ops outfit until you discover that it…) covers parametric (not paramilitary) equations. Ahem. Anyway… According to Richard, these equations can be […]


News nybble: Butterfly screen saver now available on !Store

If you look at Richard Ashbery’s Graphics Programming website, and in particular at the Animated Graphics examples, you’ll notice an animated GIF that isn’t included in the programs that can be downloaded from the site – but if you want to see the program in action, it is now possible to download it via !Store, […]


News nybble: Animated graphics examples land on Graphics Programming website

Richard Ashbery has updated his Graphic Programming Website, on which he provides a handy introduction to writing graphical ditties in BBC BASIC. This update inserts a section 6, entitled Animated Patterns, on which there is a zip file to download containing over thirty programs to run, edit, and just enjoy. Referring to the page, Richard […]


Review: 55 BBC Micro Books on CD ROM

Introduction Christopher Dewhurst, the Drag ‘n Drop Publications editor, has released an excellent compilation of 55 BBC Micro Books, all together on one CD ROM. For any RISC OS user who wants to have a go at BASIC programming these are an essential buy. Although biased towards the BBC Micro, quite a few of the […]


Another two videos of Jan Vibe’s graphics online

The Count from Sesame Street would absolutely love this! Following on from parts one and two, and subsequently parts three and four, it was a fairly logical conclusion that if and when Richard Ashbery uploaded any more videos of Jan Vibe’s graphics programs, the next would be part five, and the next again part six. […]


More videos of Jan Vibe’s graphics masterpieces online

Richard Ashbery has struck again – and again – and uploaded two more videos to YouTube. The graphics output of Danish programmer Jan Vibe, which used to feature regularly in the pages (and cover discs) of Acorn User magazine, were always a delight to behold – but these programs were written to run on the […]


News nybble: Jan Vibe’s animated clock updated

Not content with revisiting some of Jan Vibe’s old graphics programs and turning them into videos on YouTube, Richard Ashbery has gone to work updating another program by the prolific Danish developer, whose many and varied graphical ditties appeared regularly in the pages of Acorn User. This time, it’s Jan’s animated clock, updated for modern […]