Orpheus the company dissolved, Orpheus the ISP carries on

Standing firm on this stony ground1.

It was brought to my attention via Twitter last night that Orpheus Internet Services Ltd – the company originally set up by Paul Vigay back in 2005 to take on the customers of ISP ArgoNET – has been dissolved by way of a compulsory strike-off. However, while that may seem bad at first glance, all is not what it seems.

I spoke to Richard Brown today, and he confirmed that while he took over the company after the unfortunate death of Paul Vigay back in 2009, the ISP business was actually transitioned over to Richard’s other, older company, GeneSys Developments Ltd at an early stage – so all of the ISP customers have actually been customers of GeneSys for quite some time.

There is a certain amount of administration (and some small costs) involved with running a limited company – so unless the company serves an actual purpose for those involved, that administration and associated costs are nothing more than a drain on resources. And in this case, with the core business moved to GeneSys Developments Ltd, that was certainly the case for Orpheus Internet Services Ltd.

So the time has come to allow Orpheus Internet Services Ltd the registered company to bow out – while Orpheus Internet can continue on as the most RISC OS-friendly ISP there is.


  1. Those are the very first few words of one of my favourite David Sylvian songs, Orpheus. It’s about time I squeezed a reference to that song in when mentioning Orpheus Internet, and those words seem to (just about) fit – although the rest of the song is perhaps a little more tenuous.

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