Raspberry Pi 4 launched

A few months after Pi Day, and a few days before 2Pi Day!1 A new version of the Raspberry Pi has been announced, at the customary price point of US$35 – which has been translated to a very similar value in pounds sterling, with both Pimoroni and The Pi Hut selling it for £34.00.


Elesar Ltd comes to the rescue while Piccolo Systems’ website is down

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s Supersprow! (Imagine there’s exciting music here!) Earlier this year, the Piccolo Systems website became the victim of hacking/hijacking, with the site as we knew it vanishing, apparently to be replaced by one providing a home to malware. Ben Avison is reported to have said he […]


Piccolo systems removes customer downloads

#VATMESS: New EU VAT regulations, 1 – Sanity and good sense, 0 Ben Avison, of Piccolo Systems and RISC OS Open Ltd, has announced the removal of the ability for customers to download software purchased via the Piccolo Systems website. The reason for withdrawing the downloads is due to a change in the way value […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 16th August, 2014

A selection of hitherto unreported items from the past few months. B gets beefed up to become B+ On 14th July, just a couple of days after the Midlands Show, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a new version of the Raspberry Pi. The Model B+ is the same size as its predecessors (give or take […]


SystemDisc 1.01 now available

Announcement from Ben Avison of Piccolo Systems, 18th November, 2013 Piccolo Systems is pleased to announce the immediate release of SystemDisc 1.01. SystemDisc is a general-purpose tool for managing the system software on modern RISC OS systems. The benefits of using SystemDisc over the pre-existing solutions include:


Disc duplicating software CloneDisc 1.01 now available

Dolly useful tool! Ben Avison of Piccolo Systems (and RISC OS Open Ltd) has released version 1.01 of CloneDisc, which he describes as “a general purpose tool for copying the entire contents of a disc,” and which “features full support for disc image files.” The software’s capabilities, explains Ben in his announcement at the beginning […]