Digital switchover hits RISC OS

The Risc TV podule from Irlam Instruments was designed to allow users of RiscPCs to watch television through their computers, displaying the TV image in a window on the desktop. Being a device designed and built in the mid to late 1990s, however, it predated the UK’s switch to digital TV by some time, so […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 16th July 2011

Chris Gransden has announced the availability of version of PDF, allowing users to view files in the ever prevalent Portable Document File format from Adobe. Changes in this version include better interaction with Paint and better facilities when saving images. PDF can, of course, be used to view Drag ‘n Drop, a PDF based […]


Midlands MUG Show 2011 report

The Midlands Midsummer MUG show 2011 took place on Saturday 9th July, 2011, and was perhaps one of the quietest RISC OS shows I’ve attended in as long as I can remember, if not the quietest. However, in spite of the very small attendance by users, I did find myself reasonably busy for most of […]


Charmed, I’m sure

Peter Nowasad of Qubit Consultancy Ltd has announced the availability of version 2.1 of Charm, described as a free, simple to learn yet powerful high level language with a compiler that generates efficient code with a small memory footprint. Aimed in particular at the RiscPC or an emulator such as RPCEmu, the software comes with […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 21st June 2011

David Higton reported on the RISC OS Open forums that at the Southamton Acorn Users Group meeting on 14th June, to which he took his BeagleBoard for the purposes of this, he “demonstrated copying the files from a bootable SD card to an empty (formatted) SD card and booting from the latter.”


Boosting the bounties: A pound for pound pledge

RISC OS Open Ltd, who only made a formal announcement about their bounty scheme earlier this week, have followed that news this evening with a pledge that they will, up to a £1,000 total limit, match every donation into the bounty scheme themselves, with the exception of donations to the administration bounty. This means that […]


Cash prize offered for USB audio functionality

Hot on the heels of the announcement from RISC OS Open Ltd about their bounty scheme, Jim Lesurf has announced a ‘cash prize’ of £300 for someone (or a group): To develop the USB stack/interface, user API, etc, to allow [modern high quality USB devices like the Halide Bridge, Arcam rDAC, etc] to be ‘plug […]

RISC OS Open Ltd

Announcing the RISC OS Open Bounty Scheme

Anyone reading the RISC OS Open Ltd forum, or who spoke to the team at the recent Wakefield Show or attended their theatre talk, will be aware that a bounty scheme has been brewing. The scheme provides a mechanism whereby developers could receive a cash reward for results in those areas that users have deemed […]


Wakefield 2011: The morning after

Yesterday’s RISC OS show in Wakefield, held in the show’s original venue of the Cedar Court Hotel, Calder Grove, is the 16th show organised by WROCC and one month short of being held on the fifteenth anniversary of the very first, held in the middle of May, 1996. It is also the 10th anniversary (again, […]