News nybble: First batch of Wakefield Show videos now online

If you need more detailed information about a small selection of Wakefield Show exhibitors and their wares than is provided in Mark Stephens’ show report and pictures on the Icon Bar website, but can’t wait for the usual RISCOSitory show report and videos, Ruth Gunstone has stepped in to fill in the gap. Ruth is […]


News nybble: RISC OS Southwest Show date revealed

The latest Icon Bar Interview was published this morning, featuring Orpheus Internet‘s Richard Brown as the interviewee. Richard, as everyone should know by now, teams up with R-Comp‘s Andrew Rawnsley to form the Dynamic Duo that organises the RISC OS Southwest Show – the first main RISC OS show in the calendar year. And in […]


News nybble: Icon Bar interviews Jeffrey Lee

For those who have yet to read it, The Icon Bar – a site that once upon a time saw regular news and features posted to it, and seems to be starting to do so again – has this weekend published an interview with Jeffrey Lee. Jeffrey, as every RISC OS user should know, puts […]


Get ready to vote in the 2013 RISC OS Awards

Celebrating the best of the RISC OS world! Picking up the baton from those who have carried out RISC OS awards polls in the past – the Acorn press of old, followed by the Drobe, Icon Bar and RISCOScode websites – RISCOSitory is pleased to announce that it is conducting an awards poll to cover […]


Voting now open for the RISCOScode Awards 2011

Something lacking from the tail end of last year was any kind of awards poll on any of the RISC OS news and information websites. Until its switch from active publishing to ‘archive’ mode, Drobe traditionally held an awards poll, and then The Icon Bar picked up the baton – until last year. This year, […]