Quick fix for IyonixPC year increase bug


RISC OS 5.16 is now available from RISC OS Open Ltd. This an official release and, as well as a number of other updates and improvements to RISC OS 5.xx, if programmed into the Iyonix ROM will solve the clock problem described below. This means the program presented below to act as a temporary solution to the problem is now no longer necessary. If you are using it, please remember to remove it from your boot sequence prior to rebooting your updated computer.

However, please note that if you softload RISC OS 5.16, the clock will continue to need fixing – so if you choose to do that, the temporary fix will continue to be of use to you. I would recommend programming the new version of RISC OS into your ROM, though, and thus negating the need for such temporary work-arounds. Continue reading “Quick fix for IyonixPC year increase bug”