RISC OS Awards 2016: Alternative options revisited

If you have yet to vote, here are even more options for you – so why not get voting NOW?

RISC OS Awards logoThe RISC OS Awards 2016 voting form was put online on 18th December, and while the number of votes looked promising compared to last year the first time the alternative options were published, this is no longer the case.

When the second round of alternative options were posted last year, approximately seven weeks after the polls were opened, the voting form had been completed approximately 140 times. Today – also about seven weeks in – the tally stands at around 120.

So if you have yet to vote, why not do so now?

If you know of someone (or even a group) who uses RISC OS but who may not be aware of the Awards poll, let them know and get them voting!

Once again, the alternative options for which people have voted are detailed below as a straightforward list, with no other comments. They are in no particular order, and new items added since the last post are indicated by being italicised.

To vote for any of these – or anything else you believe would be appropriate and worthy – choose the ‘Alternative option’ in the relevant category, and type your choice in the text field.

Best non-commercial software
Best hardware
Best solution for backwards compatibility
  • Red Squirrel (Unfortunately, the Red Squirrel home page appears to be down, so I’ve linked to another source from which it appears it can be downloaded).
  • Arculator
Best new development
Best show of initiative
Best website or online resource
Best show or event
Most innovative or interesting project
Best overall contributor
Broken cog of the year
  • R-Comp (for selling ARMv7 compatible software that isn’t)
  • R-Comp (for having the worst possible web presence)
  • Anyone who voted to leave the EU
  • Aaron Timbrell (no reason given)
  • Adrian Lees (for failing to maintain Aemulor)
  • PlingStore for not having any contact details on the website


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