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Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 19th November 2011

Following on from the news that Pipedream is now free to download, Gerald Fitton has announced that Fireworkz for RISC OS is also now free to download. Fireworkz is an integrated word processor and spreadsheet package, with some very powerful and useful facilities, which works in a fundamentally different way to PipeDream. Both are very […]


The better late than never London Show 2011 report

In the run up to the London Show on October 29th, and in the days since, things have been somewhat hectic for me, so I’ve only now had a chance to properly go through my pictures – which, as tradition now dictates, are not very good. I’ve selected a few and edited them into something […]


RISC OS London Show 2011 – Preview

The RISC OS London Show 2011 is finally upon us. In the morning, I will be making my way down to the hall at the St Giles Hotel, Feltham, where I’ve already set up my stand, ready for when the doors are open to the public at 11am. The line up for this year’s show […]


Synchronise those directories with DirSync 1.10

Jan-Jaap van der Geer has released the latest version of DirSync, an application that allows two directory structures to be compared visually, enabling you to filter the differences you see in several ways so that it only shows you newer files, for example, or only files that appear in one of the two directories, and […]


CJE taking advance orders for the RISC OS London Show

As anyone who has ever attended a RISC OS show must undoubtedly know, CJE Micro’s tend to have a stand overflowing with goods with which to tempt punters. However, clearly admitting that contrary to popular belief they don’t use a TARDIS to transport them and their stock to and from shows, Chris Evans points out […]


RISC OS-friendly monitors from R-Comp at the London Show

R-Comp Interactive, who fairly recently announced that they had sourced some new 24 and 27 inch televisions that were suitable for use with the ARMini and other BeagleBoard based computers, will be bringing a selection of 23, 24 and 27 inch monitors to the RISC OS London Show on Saturday 29th October. These screens are […]


The 2011 RISC OS London Show looms

Hopefully, everyone in the RISC OS world is already aware that this coming Saturday, 29th October, is the date of this year’s RISC OS London Show, the last major event of 2011 for our little community. The show is to be held in the same venue as last year, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham, with […]


R-Comp Interactive announces ARMini software scheme for BeagleBoard users

With the BeagleBoard forming the heart of R-Comp Interactive‘s ARMini computer, it’s easy to see that some of R-Comp’s developments and releases for their computer might be relevant to those people who have put together their own RISC OS computers using the board. Well, now those “DIY” users have a way to access those developments: […]


TBAFS 26bit version available for download

Alan Peters of TBA Software has announced that the 26bit version of TBAFS is now available for download. In a post on the RISC OS Open Ltd forum, and a similar one on the TBA Blog, he stresses that this is version 1.01 of the software, dating from 1996 and that it has only been […]