RISC OS Awards 2018 results published

And get this: The survey results for 2014, too! The latest RISC OS Awards poll, covering 2018, came to a close on 10th May, with the results counted up not long after and revealed on the RISCOSitory Twitter feed.


RISC OS Awards: Deadline, and an overdue look at the alternative suggestions

The annual RISC OS Awards poll has now been open for just over two months, and is due to be closed fairly soon. Shortly after the poll began I moved home and didn’t properly set up any computers for quite some time, so the planned occasional review and post of the ‘alternative’ entries didn’t happen, […]


Dude, where’s your Privacy Policy?

Having just published an item concerning GDPR, this may be a good opportunity to pre-empt an obvious question and explain why RISCOSitory currently has no Privacy Policy published on the website. The simple answer is that the site does not collect any personally identifiable information (with the exception of IP addresses in site logs, handled […]


Final call for votes in the 2017 Awards poll

The annual RISC OS Awards poll is coming to an end. The voting form will be taken down at some point on Saturday, 26th May, which is just three days from now. The RISC OS Awards provides you with a way to thank those companies and developers who have provided a good service, or developed […]


RISC OS Awards: Another look at the alternative options for 2017

If you haven’t yet voted, why not do so now? The RISC OS Awards poll for 2017 has been open now since mid-March and will be coming to a close in a couple of weeks time. As such, now is an ideal time to take another look at some of the alternative nominations people have […]


RISC OS Awards: What about those alternative nominations, then?

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2017 has been open now for about a week and a half, and there have been 60 votes cast – so now is probably a good time as any to take a look at some of the alternative nominations people have made if they felt something other than the […]


Voting is now open in the RISC OS Awards for 2017

The annual RISC OS Awards poll undertaken by RISCOSitory on the RISC OS Awards website is now under way – so you can now cast your votes. The poll is running a little later than planned, but between now and late May you will be able to vote for your favourite piece of software, the […]


RISC OS Awards 2016 results

The RISC OS Awards poll for 2016 was brought to a close on 29th February. As before, the results were processed and counted on a RISC OS computer (using a home-brewed program to turn the votes into a file for each category, ready to be loaded into Fireworkz), and initially announced on the @RISCOSitory Twitter […]

User groups

Look backwards and forwards with ROUGOL

Is that what a time traveller does when crossing the road? At their next meeting, which takes place just two days from now on Monday, 20th February, the RISC OS User Group of London will be looking back over the last year, and forward to the next – but without the benefit of a crystal […]