Surrey and Sussex February meeting – and meeting changes

Neil Thurlow has been in touch to let me know that the Surrey and Sussex Acorn User Group – aka SASAUG – will be holding their February meeting on Monday evening (13th February) from 8:00pm – but in a change from their previous schedule, the venue will not be the Horsham Methodist Church Hall. Instead, those wishing to attend should plot a course for:

The Olde Stout House,
West Sussex,
RH12 1EE.

However, do note that the group’s website still mentions (and provides directions to) the church hall – but the Olde Stout House is little more than a stone’s throw from the the hall, and can be found in the old shopping part of Horsham, and is a ten minute walk from Horsham Railway Station.

The meeting is free to attend, and anyone is welcome.

The change of venue is because it was no longer possible for the group to meet the cost of the church hall, word of which reached me just after I updated the RISC OS Calendar page with those dates I am aware of for this year. I contacted Dave Lane, SASAUG’s chairperson, who confirmed that the meetings were effectively in limbo, but also said that the January meeting had taken place in the Olde Stout House.

Given that the February meeting is also taking place there, it would be easy to assume that it is to be the new regular meeting place – but Dave explained that the venue may not be set in stone as yet, and Neil also said he would be in touch at a later date with more information on the changes so that that I can update the details I have.

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