Look backwards and forwards with ROUGOL

Is that what a time traveller does when crossing the road?

At their next meeting, which takes place just two days from now on Monday, 20th February, the RISC OS User Group of London will be looking back over the last year, and forward to the next – but without the benefit of a crystal ball or a time machine.

Using this year’s RISC OS Awards nominees as an initial guide, along with the alternative options suggested by a number of voters, the group will start the evening by reviewing the highs and lows in the RISC OS scene over the last year. This will be followed by looking forward, with a discussion of people’s hopes and fears for the coming year – with what can be expected at next Saturday’s Southwest Show being a starting point.

Of course, if there are any time travellers present at the meeting, they should probably not say what they’ve actually seen at the show – or further into the future. Spoilers, and all that. And if you want to know which RISC OS users have time machines (rather than TiMachines) that they haven’t told anyone about, look for anyone not participating much in the lively discussion (because, as I said, spoilers), and instead sitting back with a tub of popcorn.

The meeting is free to attend for anyone interested, and will take place from 7:45pm at the usual location:

The Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs, in the restaurant),
173 Borough High Street,
SE1 1HR.

The venue is well served for those coming by public transport, and can be found between London Bridge and Borough tube stations, a short walk from either through well lit streets covered by CCTV. There is ample cycle parking nearby, which is also covered by CCTV.

For those driving, Congestion Charging ends at 6:00pm – a good hour and three quarters before the meeting – but remember that this is central London, so you’ll need to take that into account and allow extra time, patience, and maps. Unless your car is a DeLorean, equipped with a flux capacitor, in which case you can set off whenever you like and still arrive at just the right time. No matter what car you drive, though, you’ll still need to consider parking, which is restricted at all times on double red lines, and on single red or yellow lines it is best to park after 7pm.

For those coming in any other sort of time machine, parking options may be more limited. However, it may be that time machines disguised to look like police boxes – whether that’s a deliberate choice or the result of a broken chameleon circuit¬† – are an option and can be left on the pavement outside.

If you need any help reaching the venue, or any other information, ROUGOL can be reached by telephone on 07970 211 629, by email, or via Twitter.

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