News nybble: BusTimes 1.07 released

A new version of Kevin Wells’ BusTimes application has been released. The software’s purpose is to look up the timetables for buses and stops, and version 1.07 allows the user to interrogate the times at any given stop along the route of the bus at which they are currently looking. The software uses Wget to […]

User groups

News nybble: Southampton meeting – 11th June

RISC OS users in the Southampton area on the evening of 11th June will have the opportunity to meet up when the Southampton RISC OS Users Group (SROUG) descends en masse er… handful on Itchen College for their regular meeting. Running from 7:00pm until 9:00pm, the meeting is free to attend – all you need […]


News nybble: TrainTimes gains HTML output

Kevin Wells has released an update to TrainTimes, bringing it up to version 1.11. The software uses Wget to interrogate the TransportAPI website and return information about train and station timetables, and one of the improvements in this release is that users no longer need to register themselves with the TransportAPI site for their own […]

User groups

RISC OS Developments to visit Wakefield on 5th June

If you want to be brought up to date on news from RISC OS Developments – the company that now owns RISC OS – and you happen to be in the vicinity of Wakefield on Wednesday, then why not pop along to the Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meeting, which takes place that evening?


News nybble: MACadd gets a bug fix

Kevin Wells has released another new version of MACadd, his application that looks up MAC addresses online and displays the found information. The latest version benefits from the removal of a bug whereby the application could crash if the MAC address being checked is either invalid, or not in the database of the MAC Vendors […]


Mathematics in BBC BASIC on RISC OS

Introduction “Essential Maths” was a book covering the programming of mathematics concepts like Trigonometry. The book was published thirty five years ago for owners of the BBC and Electron computers – remember those? The writer, Czes Kosniowski, wouldn’t be surprised to know that the principles are as relevant today as they were when he wrote […]


Biggest sale ever – a (now belated) Christmas story

The PiCano case for the Raspberry Pi has always been sold in small numbers. Most of the time orders of a single case, sometimes two or three in one order. This makes shipping very expensive, and profit non-existent. Large mail order companies sell large volumes each day, and therefore get special prices with free returns… […]


News nybble: MACadd subtracts a typo

Kevin Wells has released an update to his application for looking up information about MAC addresses – the unique identifiers assigned to network interfaces. The new version of MACadd can be downloaded from his website, and fixes a silly typo (the word Company was incorrectly spelt). The application uses Wget to retrieve the information it […]

User groups

Informal meeting in London – 20th May

The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) will take place on Monday, 20th May – tomorrow evening – and this month rather than a formal speaker, the meeting will take the form of an open discussion. Attendees will be able to hold general discussions about RISC OS and recent news, […]


Andrew Conroy releases BASIC library for the Raspberry Pi JAM HAT

Encouraging people to be as flashy as he is when his boss isn’t around! Observant readers and show visitors will have noticed that Andrew Conroy has started occasionally having his own presence at RISC OS computer shows – when CJE Micro’s, the company for which he works, isn’t present. What he exhibits is a range […]