Software preservation at RISC OS London Show

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Something that has been increasingly talked about in recent years is how to preserve old software, to ensure it doesn’t disappear when old discs, etc, become unreadable, with a number of people taking steps to do just that. One such person is Paul Emerton, who will be at the London Show to talk about the subject, and hopefully take the necessary steps to preserve any software people may bring along.

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News nybble: kHangman version 1.01

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Kevin Wells has released an update to his hangman game, kHangman, in which like the traditional game of its kind, the player must guess a word letter by letter, and for each incorrect letter one part of the gallows, noose, and hanging man are drawn. If the drawing is complete before the word is guessed, the player loses.

Version 1.01 now keeps track of the number of wins by way of a percentage, and no part of the gallows are drawn until the first incorrect guess. In addition, the software now handles detection of the PlayIt module better, and doesn’t attempt to play any sounds if it isn’t available.

London Show next Saturday

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Organised as an online event last year because of the pandemic, the RISC OS London Show is returning to the physical world this year, and will take place on Saturday, 30th October, at its customary venue:

St Giles Hotel,
TW14 9AD.

The doors will be open to the public from 11:00am until 5:00pm, with an entry fee of £5.00 for adults – under-16s can get in for free.

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R-Comp will and won’t be attending London 2021

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Plans afoot for a pre-show live-stream

Another company whose appearance at the London Show on 30th October will be impacted by the pandemic is R-Comp, with both Andrew Rawnsley and Steph in an at risk category, and therefore shielding – and of course the concern of not just picking up the virus themselves, but potentially passing it on to other show visitors.

However, despite their own non-attendance in person, the company will still have a presence; a stand has been booked, and Richard Brown of Orpheus Internet (and Andrew’s co-conspirator in RISC OS Developments Ltd) has kindly stepped in to act as R-Comp’s agent for the show, and a large crate of software and hardware for sale at the event will be airdropped to him down in Sussex in time for the event.

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CJE Micro’s will not be attending London 2021

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But promises significant announcement next week

With the pandemic still a key consideration for many people, it’s inevitable that there will be some people and companies who will choose not to attend the London Show, which will be taking place as a physical event on Saturday, 30th October. CJE Micro’s is one such example.

Chris Evans feels that given the current situation with the virus, taking into account his own health and the welfare of the company’s customers, attending the show is not an option.

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News nybble: TrainTimes 1.16 steaming in

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Hot on the heels of his update to BusTimes, Kevin Wells has released a new version of TrainTimes, an application that performs a similar function for trains. The software uses Wget to interface with the Transport API website to retrieve information about train times and stations, presenting the results in the RISC OS desktop.

Version 1.16 gains the ability to save a station’s timetable in CSV format for importing into other applications, and a redesign of the Save dialogues.

ScummVM 2.5.0 released on the twentieth anniversary of 0.0.1

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A new version of ScummVM was released on 9th October – a significant date for the project, because it was on 9th October, 2001 that saw the very first revision – 0.0.1 – appear from the keyboard of Ludvig Strigeus. The latest release is 2.5.0.

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BusTimes 1.17 arriving now

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If you need to use public transport – whether regularly, occasionally, or as a one off – it’s handy if you can plan your route, and while there are websites that will enable you to do so they may not work well (if at all) on RISC OS. This is where Kevin Wells’ BusTimes application comes in, a standalone application that uses Wget to fetch the data it needs from the Transport API site. Kevin has just released version 1.17 of the application.

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