Developers’ fireside chat – 6th April

This coming Saturday (6th April) is the next opportunity for anyone who is either developing on or for RISC OS, or interested in doing so, to meet up with like-minded folk and discuss that very subject.

These ‘friendly fireside chats’ are held on a semi-regular basis and allow people to spend an evening at a meeting in which anyone can seek (or give) advice. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an expert, or you haven’t yet cut your programming teeth, or if you put yourself somewhere between those two extremes – there’s no minimum bar for entry.

As well as being able to ask questions if you need to (or to answer them if you are able), you may also benefit from simply listening in on other people’s questions and answers, and sometimes these meetings provide a first opportunity to see how-to videos that show off different programming techniques, such as those produced for and by the RISC OS Community YouTube channel.

The meetings are held online using Zoom, so there are no transport issues, and no entry costs – all you need is a suitable device to run the software, and a good internet connection.

Starting at 7:30pm, the log-in credentials for the meeting are the same as other recent fireside chats, so if you’ve joined one before you’re good to go. If not, you can get them:

  • By contacting Andrew McCarthy on Twitter or Mastodon – or indeed from your RISC OS computer using ChatCube.
  • Or by sending an email to me here in the RISCOSitory bunker. Please note, though, that any emails sent to me on the day of the meeting itself may not receive a reply until very close to the meeting’s start time!

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