News nybble: Form filler 1.17 released

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As if the first update to Form Filler in over eight years wasn’t enough, Kevin Wells has now put out another. The application allows you to store a number of preset strings of text, ready to be sent to the cursor location at the click of a button, and features an option to use a ‘slim’ version of its main window. This version of the window can therefore be put neatly down one edge of the screen so that it’s not in the way so much, while still easily accessible.

Version 1.17 allows you to choose which version of the window is opened by default when you click on the application’s icon bar icon, via a ‘make default’ button which is active in whichever window size isn’t the default, but faded in the other. There are also some general code improvements.

Elesar musters up Debian Buster – a new Linux build for Titanium

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As well as RISC OS, Titanium owners have had the option of using Linux on their system since the motherboard’s launch; it could be purchased from Elesar Ltd bundled with either RISC OS or Linux – and since April 2016, owners of the RISC OS version have had the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds; a RISC OS-based Titanium that could launch from RISC OS into Linux via the GoLinux application.

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Release candidate 16 (RISC OS 5.28) now available for the Pi

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Official support for the Raspberry Pi 4 now within sight

There has been no formal announcement (yet) by RISC OS Open Ltd (ROOL) – but Raspberry Pi users who like to keep up with the latest developments might wish to take a peek at the Raspberry Pi downloads page on the ROOL website.

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Hear about Euclid and more in a virtual visit to ROUGOL – 15th June

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With the pandemic still an ongoing problem, though seemingly tailing off for now, and the UK lockdown still mostly in place, another RISC OS user group has opted to explore the use of Zoom to hold their meetings online: The RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) will hold its first virtual meeting on Monday, 15th June.

The guest speaker will be Tony Cheal, who wrote a number of RISC OS applications while he was the tea boy at Ace Computing.

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News nybble: RISCOSbits Etsy shop

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If you want to get away from the usual rectangular cases for your Raspberry Pi, a new range of shaped cases has been introduced by RISCOSbits. There are two basic shapes; Disq is circular, cut from 5mm fluorescent green acrylic, and there are five optional engraved designs on the top, such as a space invader, or Cthulhu, all of which are priced at £19.50 plus p&p. Then there are Winky, Hyde, and Stinky – ghost shaped cases, also cut from 5mm acrylic, but red, orange, and blue respectively, and all priced at £22.00 plus p&p.

If you want to purchase any of these cases, rather than head to the RISCOSbits website you need to instead look at the RISCOSbits Etsy shop. Andy Marks tells me he’s set up the shop in order to try out a different platform for selling, as well as to see if there is any scope for selling beyond the traditional RISC OS market.

News nybble: Form Filler 1.16 released

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Receiving its first update in over eight years, Kevin Wells has released a new version of Form Filler. The purpose of the application, as you might guess from its name, is to make it easier to fill in forms online. It does this by sending text it has stored directly to the cursor – which means that form data could also be used for other purposes; any short piece of text you refer to a lot, such as URLs, could be stored in Form Filler to save you typing them out in emails, for example.

In version 1.16, the software benefits from an upgrade to the DrWimp library used (from v4.40 to v5.02), the ability to save window positions, and support for menu ticks on the form you are looking at.

e-book reader open sourced

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Something I managed to miss on RISCOSitory is that back in September, Rick Murray engaged in a little experimentation with e-books (books supplied in digital form for use on e-readers – which can be dedicated devices, or software running on phones, tablets, or normal computers). The result of his efforts, written up on his blog at the time, was an e-book reader application for RISC OS which he made available via !Store.

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