Fight off that virus on RISC OS!

Well, in a game, anyway. Rick Murray has found himself inspired by the pandemic that has had such a dramatic effect on all our lives, and written a game for people to while away those lockdown hours – Virus!


News nybble: Find out how to create animated GIFs on thanks to Richard Ashbery

The Simple Graphics Programming in RISC OS BASIC website set up by Richard Ashbery now includes a useful tutorial for people who want to make animated graphics using RISC OS. The newly added tutorial doesn’t cover the entire process, but does demonstrate how to produce, from within a graphics program, the individual frames that would […]


Breaking: New date for the 25th Wakefield Show

25th Wakefield Show now to take place 25 years on from the first, but… on the 24th. Following the postponement of the next Wakefield Show due to the ongoing crisis with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 leading to the UK (along with other countries) being put in a state of lockdown, the organisers have now been […]

User groups

ROUGOL meetings suspended…

…ALL user group meetings suspended With world in the grips of a pandemic and (like many countries) the UK in lockdown to some degree – just how much of a lockdown may depend on where you are, and what you do – it should be no surprise to anyone who hasn’t had their head buried […]


Introducing Scoggy – your new RISC OS friend

This year, RISC OS Direct made its first appearance at the Southwest Show. A distribution of the operating system with more in the disc image than the standard offering found on the RISC OS Open Ltd website and in the Raspberry Pi NOOBS distribution, this version has an initial set up that is much friendlier […]


Improved GPX output in BusTimes 1.13

Kevin Wells’ BusTimes application provides a means for RISC OS users who travel by bus to look up information online about particular stops – retrieving the times for buses that stop there, and additional route information about them. It does this by using Wget to communicate under the hood with the TransportAPI website.