London Show covid-19 alert

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ROUGOL, the organisers of the London Show have been notified that someone who was at the event has tested positive for Covid-19 this week.

It’s unlikely that they contracted the virus at the show, because their symptoms first appeared on Monday, but it’s possible they may have been infectious on the Saturday. Those known to have been in close contact have therefore already been notified, and thankfully all have tested negative.

However, others who were at the show may wish to take a home lateral flow test themselves, just to be on the safe side. If you don’t already have any, they can be ordered for free.

ROUGOL says that the person affected had already received their third vaccination, and is feeling okay, other than suffering from boredom because they are isolating at home and therefore can’t pop to the library to get ‘real’ books!

User guide becomes a free download

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As well as its availability as a printed tome, the user guide for the latest stable release of RISC OS 5 has now been released as a PDF that can be freely downloaded from the RISC OS Open website. This step has been made possible thanks to CJE Micro’s who stepped up to address a licensing issue.

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London Show news from RISCOSbits

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Strap yourselves in… there’s a lot in this post!

Andy Marks of RISCOSbits has been busy in the extended period between the last physical show and Saturday’s London Show, and has a number of new products that he’ll be bringing along to show – and hopefully sell – to you.

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Webworkz Revitalised

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An application from the late Paul Vigay back in the day, Webworkz has been given some attention and has now been updated. The program, which Paul had available as a shareware product, was designed to convert Fireworkz documents into HTML/CSS.

Announced by R-Comp, the plan with the updated version is to make it a free update for current Fireworkz Pro users.

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Pi 400 gets a Plus One

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RISC OS users who were Acorn users long before the Archimedes and our favourite OS was ever a thing will remember that the BBC Micro had a younger, more limited sibling – the Acorn Electron. And they will also therefore have observed that the Raspberry Pi 400, a small computer built into a keyboard, could be seen as a nod to computers like the Electron – especially given that the Pi can run RISC OS, and therefore BBC BASIC (albeit a greatly improved version, and using much more memory), the language that we all used by default when first switching on the old 8-bit computer.

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Retriever – a new application for indexing, searching files

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Thomas Milius has just released another new commercial application, called Retriever. The purpose of the application is, on the surface, quite simple – it provides a method of locating documents based on a number of criteria – but it’s a little more than just another search tool.

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Fireworkz Pro, Messenger Pro updated in time for London Show

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New versions of both Fireworkz Pro (now at v2.31) and Messenger Pro (now at v8.05) have been released by R-Comp in time for the London Show – and if you can’t wait until Saturday (or can’t make it to the show) they are both available from !Store right now. If you can make it to the show, they will be available to buy on CD, with the CDs also containing the Windows versions of both programs plus other material.

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