Two ways you can visit an Acorn World event in September

The first is to use a time machine1 The second method is much easier. All you need to do is be in Cambridge – more specifically the Centre for Computing History – on Saturday, 21st and/or Sunday, 22nd September, because that’s when the museum will be holding its own Acorn World event – as it […]


R-Comp releases tool to protect RISC OS computers from prying eyes

Lock down, lock all eyes out – there’s no way to pry!1. New-ish2 from R-Comp is an application designed to lock down your RISC OS computers in a way similar to other platforms. On those platforms, it’s normal to be prompted to enter a password at start-up, and possibly when the machine has been left […]

User groups

Southampton meeting – 13th August

If you have Tuesday evening free and happen to be within shouting distance of Southampton, why not pop along to Itchen College and meet up with other RISC OS users in the area? That’s when the next meeting of the Southampton RISC OS User Group (SROUG) will be taking place.

User groups

News nybble: Wakefield meeting – 7th August

The Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) will be holding their next meeting on Wednesday, 7th August, at 7:45pm, and this month will see something of a mixed bag, with two people lined up to talk to the group. Ruth Gunstone will be talking audio/video capture, and about a nightmare hardware change to her Pi […]


News nybble: Minor BusTimes update

Small update to the program – not an update to do with small buses Kevin Wells has released another version of BusTimes, his application that uses Wget to interrogate the Transport API website and return information about bus (and bus stop) timetables. The new version fixes a problem whereby, depending on the data source used […]


News nybble: Kquiz has been updated – true or false?

If you said ‘true’ you’d be right! Kevin Wells has released a new version of his Kquiz application, which makes use of Wget to draw a series of quiz questions from the Open Trivia Database. Those questions are then presented to the user in a RISC OS window, with the application keeping a count of […]


News nybble: NetSurf gains support for CSS Media Queries in version 3.9

A new version of NetSurf has been released into the wild, and as well as some general bug fixes and improvements, including to its JavaScript handling, this version also benefits from support for CSS Media Queries (level 4). The term “CSS Media Queries” might seem a little meaningless to anyone who simply uses the browser […]