Genealogy version 2 released

Receiving a major update from R-Comp, their Genealogy software is now at version 2. The changes make it easier to use, and brings the ability to produce many new charts and diagrams.

As well as six new types of ancestor chart, each of which has new styles, the user interface has been improved with new menus, icons, and shortcuts, and the operation has been revamped to focus on a single window for data entry, along with some additional colour coded information windows.

There are also now easy-to-use search menus for all data screens, which recognise the context of the window, as well as new data transfer capabilities.

And to aid understanding how everything works, there is a new 96-page manual.

Other changes include the ability to change date-styles, an expanded ‘flag’ system for tagging records, which now covers families, and much more besides.

The software is available on !Store for £29.99, with reduced prices available for users of earlier versions.

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