Serve up some SSI soup

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Web pages can be very simple, containing a little mark-up that helps inform the software receiving and rendering the page a little bit about its content and how it should be presented, ideally with the help of cascading style sheets (CSS) to provide styling information. However, sometimes that simplicity isn’t enough, and a web page might need to refer to external resources. There are a number of ways this can be done, and one is by using Server Side Includes (SSI). When a page is being passed from the server to the client, they are parsed to identify any Server Side Include statements, and when any are found they are acted on, and replaced with the result of doing so.

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PiTools updated to version 1.13

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Released barely a week ago as a general spin off the software supplied with the 4té computer, intended for use by other people running RISC OS on the Raspberry Pi, an update to PiTools has been pushed out by R-Comp Interactive. The product, which began life as 4téTools on its namesake computer – itself based around the Raspberry Pi 4 – provides additional tools and configuration facilities to the computer in addition to those included in RISC OS itself.

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Escape from Exeria – a new-old game

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Back in the mists of time, the first game released by Soft Rock Software was Escape from Exeria, a game in which the player navigates mazes to collect things while avoiding the bad guys – but unlike the most famous example of its kind, with an added puzzle element. Updated and re-released in the mid-1990s, the company has taken another look at it recently and given it a new lease of life.

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PiTools released by R-Comp Interactive

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With the launch of their 4té computer in the latter part of last year, R-Comp developed a set of tools to run on the system, neatly wrapped up in an application called 4téTools. This provided features over and above the easily accessible configuration options provided in RISC OS itself, and covered areas such as the display, keyboard and mouse, networking, and much more.

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Iris web browser available to OBrowser supporters

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Without going into a fully detailed history,RISC OS Developments Ltd was formed only a few short years ago with the original (and initially hush-hush) aim of funding the development of a web browser. The company has achieved a number of other things since, the most notable of which is probably taking over ownership of RISC OS itself and making it fully open source – but all the same, that original purpose was the web browser.

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News nybble: RISC OS eXperience cancelled

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I have just been informed that, sadly, the annual RISC OS eXperience meeting – organised by the Big Ben Club – has been cancelled as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 situation. The event had been scheduled to take place on May 15th in The Netherlands, but will now not be going ahead because restrictions, aimed at limiting the spread of the virus, mean it is no longer possible.

The Club’s website does suggest the event is to be replaced by a virtual meeting (English version), but no details appear to be available about that as yet.