Heretic gets a 2024 update

Following the update to Hexen, released by R-Comp just in time for Southwest 2024, there is now an updated version of Heretic available, just in time for Wakefield!

The 2024 edition of Heretic follows in Hexen’s footsteps, gaining compatibility with modern RISC OS systems – yet remains compatible with machines as far back as the RiscPC. It also gains much improved graphics, with a new lighting model, and is playable at higher resolutions than before, and it can also use high quality soundtrack recordings to enhance the atmosphere when playing.

The game’s protagonist is an elf who has been turned into an outcast and branded a heretic after turning his back on the dark forces that have twisted his religion into a force for evil. Taking on the role of the elf in first person perspective, you must undertake a quest to a cursed city, to seek out the evil D’Sparil and overcome him.

Priced at £17.50, the game can be purchased via the !Store application, and includes a discount code that can be used towards the purchase of Hexen. The game also comes with open source re-imaging, Blasphemer, which comes with over 30 newly designed levels, with new weapons, items, graphics, and sound – a whole new game based on Heretic’s fundamental gameplay.

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