Three new NVMe systems from RISCOSbits at Wakefield

This year’s Wakefield in Bradford – aka Wradfold show takes place tomorrow, so if you haven’t already sorted your travel plans (why not?) you probably still have a little time, and there are three more reasons to do so from RISCOSbits.

Using the innovative and fast NVMe drivers, produced in conjunction with RISC OS Open and Stader Softwareentwicklung, the company will be bringing along a trio of new NVMe-based systems.

The first system, priced at £199, is a new PiHard series machine, called eNVy.Me. The compact machine can hold one litre of water (but, er, don’t try that at home, folks – after all, it probably isn’t water tight!) and comes in a custom electric blue aluminium and acrylic case. The heart of the system is an overclocked Compute Module 4, with 2GB RAM – and of course it includes that NVMe storage; 128GB for this one.

The case provides easy access to the internals of the computer, making it easy to upgrade, and the standard ports on the outside include 4xUSB 2.00, HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, and USB-C for data and power – but also a barrel connector for the latter.

The second machine is priced at £279, and is a new box in the FAST range. This couples a 256GB NVMe drive with a 32GB eMMC drive, and is also based on Compute Module – this time a 4GB one, running at 2GHz.

Coming in a black aluminium Mini ITX case, the computer has 4xUSB 2.00 ports, twin HDMI, Gigabit ethernet, and comes with a 12v power supply.

The third new machine comes in kit form, which includes all the components needed to put it together yourself – a case, motherboard, Compute Module, NVMe drive, and pre-configured SD card. The kit is being sold at the show at an introductory price of £99 – and one will be available as a prize in the prize draw being run by the show organisers.

In addition to the three new machines, there will also be a few FAST FIRE system, a limited number of PiRO Qube NVMe machines, the twin-headed Chimera (running both RISC OS and Linux simultaneously – and both benefiting from 256GB of NVMe storage), and much more.

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