Important patch release for OpenVector suite

Yes, another!

Christopher Martin, who recently released an “important patch release for [the] OpenVector Suite” has since released an “important patch release for [the] OpenVector Suite.”

The wording of Christopher’s announcement of the release, like the title, appears to be more or less the same as the previous announcement, with the only difference being its date, and the version number of the affected component of the suite: the VectorUtil/VectUtil module, which now stands at version 3.31

As before, the problem is that “the service handler in the VectorUtil module was seriously flawed. It had the potential to crash the operating system in unpredictable ways by calling non-re-entrant SWIs and failing to preserve R14_svc.” And while the previous announcement warned users that “All instances of VectorUtil 3.29 or older must be replaced”, that now applies to all version 3.30 or older of the module.

Clearly, Christopher must have believed that he had solved the problem in version 3.30, and subsequently discovered that he hadn’t. Let’s hope that this time he has!

The update can be downloaded from his OpenVector suite website.

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