New versions of OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus

New versions of the three open source enhancements to draw, OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus are now available.

Version 3.36 of the applications includes a number of bugfixes, such as  rulers not scrolling consistently with their document windows, and text-area columns always being imported onto layer zero, and new to this version is that grid-snapping is enabled for bezier control points  while being dragged. This was quickly followed by version 3.37, and according to Christopher Martin, who currently maintains these applications:

The main reason for this release is that in response to user feedback, merging has changed again: The usual action when a file is imported is still to place the imported objects on the current layer. However, when importing files of type VecFile (&c56), the layering of objects is preserved as much as possible given the layers that are defined already in the receiving document. These applications mostly run on the BeagleBoard but alignment exceptions must be turned off to load compressed documents.

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