News nybble: AMCS MIDI/audio sequencer updated

A new version is now available of the Advanced Music Creation System from 3rd Event – a MIDI/audio sequencer that doesn’t just run on RISC OS, but replaces it to become the operating system on the computer. This latest version is to be used on 3rd Event’s Inverted Light Source radio show on fnoob techno […]


News bit: Updated AMCS now available

A new version of AMCS, the MIDI/audio sequencer that replaces RISC OS with its own operating system, is available to download from the 3rd Event website. The new version features multiple USB-MIDI interface routing and various other tweaks and fixes.

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 31st December, 2014

Because while no news is good news, some news is better. Or something. Keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory will no doubt have noticed that for the last couple of months they have in fact not been keen eyed readers of RISCOSitory at all. As is sometimes the case, the workload here at the Soft Rock […]