OpenVector and DrawPlus gain new feature

A genuine “Nothing to see here, move along please” response to a click.

Christopher Martin has released another update to OpenVector and DrawPlus, bringing them up to version 3.41.2, introducing a new feature to both, while OpenGridPro remains at version 3.41.

That new feature presents itself when clicking with the Alt key held down; when you do this, both OpenVector and DrawPlus will act as though there is no object beneath the pointer. This means that, for example, if you have a complicated drawing with one or more objects selected, you can deselect them quickly and easily – without selecting another object – by clicking anywhere on the drawing with Alt held down.

These three applications are open source enhancements to Draw, with OpenVector and OpenGridPro themselves originally being developed by Jonathan Marten from DrawPlus, and released as commercial applications by 4Mation (as Vector, which featured layering and object library capabilities, and GridPro, which was customised for drawing grids and other regular layouts). They were subsequently made open source, and a 32-bit conversion was then produced by Spellings Computer Services. The sources have since been uploaded to, after which Christopher Martin began working on them.

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