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Boosting the bounties: A pound for pound pledge

RISC OS Open Ltd, who only made a formal announcement about their bounty scheme earlier this week, have followed that news this evening with a pledge that they will, up to a £1,000 total limit, match every donation into the bounty scheme themselves, with the exception of donations to the administration bounty. This means that […]


Cash prize offered for USB audio functionality

Hot on the heels of the announcement from RISC OS Open Ltd about their bounty scheme, Jim Lesurf has announced a ‘cash prize’ of £300 for someone (or a group): To develop the USB stack/interface, user API, etc, to allow [modern high quality USB devices like the Halide Bridge, Arcam rDAC, etc] to be ‘plug […]

RISC OS Open Ltd

Announcing the RISC OS Open Bounty Scheme

Anyone reading the RISC OS Open Ltd forum, or who spoke to the team at the recent Wakefield Show or attended their theatre talk, will be aware that a bounty scheme has been brewing. The scheme provides a mechanism whereby developers could receive a cash reward for results in those areas that users have deemed […]


Wakefield 2011: The morning after

Yesterday’s RISC OS show in Wakefield, held in the show’s original venue of the Cedar Court Hotel, Calder Grove, is the 16th show organised by WROCC and one month short of being held on the fifteenth anniversary of the very first, held in the middle of May, 1996. It is also the 10th anniversary (again, […]

ARMini Computer from R-Comp Interactive

ARMini on the bounty

As the 2011 Wakefield show creeps ever closer, Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp has initiated a discussion on the RISC OS Open Ltd forums regarding some areas they’d like to see addressed in RISC OS before their ARMini computer goes from being a ‘coming soon’ to a current machine. Andrew is quick to point out that […]


Midlands Midsummer MUG Show 2011

As suggested previously, the date and venue for the 2011 Midlands Midsummer MUG Show has now been confirmed as 9th July 2011, at the same venue as last year – St John’s Church Hall, 205 Warwick Road, Kenilworth. Emails have been sent out to potential exhibitors requesting a yes/no/maybe response for attendance and asking for […]


Archive 22:12 sampler, R-Comp hints at new ARM based hardware

Showing a level of initiative often sadly lacking these days in the RISC OS community, the current editor and publisher of Archive Magazine, Jim Nagel, has made available a sampler of issue 22:12 (volume 22, issue 12). His main motivation for doing this is that the physical magazine is only due back from the printers […]