AMPlayer updated for ARMv7 processors

Announcement from Rob Sprowson, 27th September, 2015.

After a prolonged 4660 day period of perpetual beta status, an updated version of the AMPlayer modules is now available from at:

AMPlayer is a set of modules and frontend applications to play MP3 audio tracks, a popular method of encoding music.

Functionally it is largely unchanged from Peter Naulls’ earlier 32-bit work originally done to update the module (and its example frontend) to run on the IYONIX pc. However, crucially, it has been rebuilt with the option to stop the software using unaligned load instructions which cause fatal exceptions on the newer ARMv7 (and ARMv6, such as the original Raspberry Pi, if enabled to do so) processors.

Running with alignment exceptions disabled is generally not recommended as there’s a possibility that applications are silently reading the wrong memory contents and corrupting important system workspace.

Special thanks to site maintainer Theo Markettos for his efforts in recovering the original repository which had become corrupted, rendering it nearly impossible to continue AMPlayer development.

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