ROUGOL meeting Monday; London Show five days later!

The topic for the meeting? The London Show – and how to squeeze everyone in!

The RISC OS User Group of London – ROUGOL – have their next scheduled meeting on Monday, 19th October – tomorrow evening. The group usually has a guest speaker, but for this meeting there isn’t to be one. Instead, they will be discussing the London Show, which takes place five days later; see below for a little more news on that.

The meeting will take place from 7:45pm in its usual venue:

The Blue-Eyed Maid
(upstairs, in the Spice Lounge restaurant)
173 Borough High Street

The group doesn’t charge a fee for admittance, and welcomes anyone and everyone. If you want to spend some money, though, the venue sells a range of hot and cold food, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

The Blue-Eyed Maid is between London Bridge and Borough tube stations, so easily accessible by public transport (both stations being a very short walk away), and there is ample cycle parking. For those who prefer the privacy of their own cars, Congestion Charging ends at 6:00pm, but you’ll have the joy of central London driving and parking!

If you need any help finding the group, or any other information, the group can be contacted via Twitter, by email, or by telephone on 07970 211 629.

As noted above, there is no guest speaker for this meeting because the group is busy with the planning of the London Show, which takes place a mere five days later, on Saturday, 24th October – so what’s the news on that?

As previously noted, the show looks set to be ROUGOL’s biggest one yet – and since that preview was published, a few more snippets have come in:

  • There will be a rare Millipede Prisma-3 Graphics System on display and in operation. The Prisma3 was a TV graphics add-on from Millipede for use with a number of Acorn computers, display that could be fully genlocked (synchronised with other picture sources). This allows computer generated graphics to be overlaid with ‘live’ footage for broadcast.
  • R-Comp will have “two, possibly three, significant software releases shipping” – which will no doubt be announced in the days running up to the show, so (subject to there being enough hours in the day) keep your eyes on RISCOSitory over the coming week!
  • CJE will be announcing the official name of the IGEPv5-based computer – although anything but Eastwood will be a disappointment here at the RISCOSitory shed. There will also be limited quantities available to buy.
  • CJE say they will also have a “so far unannounced prototype” with them – the obvious guess would be a working prototype of their long-planned Pi-based laptop, but they’ve been openly talking about that for a while, so it wouldn’t be something unannounced – it must therefore be something else. The question is what?
  • Thanks to a kind donation (presumably from Leila Johnston, who was the guest speaker at ROUGOL’s March meeting) there will be a free copy of Hack Circus magazine for show visitors (subject to numbers – so it’s best to arrive early if you want a copy).

The show will be open from 11:00am until 5:00pm, on Saturday, 24th October, 2015, at the St Giles Hotel, Hounslow Road, Feltham, TW14 9AD, which is easily accessible using any of the Steve Martin transport triple (Planes, Trains, Automobiles – with the latter including buses or cars).

So I’ll be seeing you there, then!

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