RISC OS Fr launches Raspberry Pie contest

Despite the ‘e’ it is computer-related, and not some kind of Great British French Bake Off. Shortly before this year’s Wakefield Show David Feugey, the man behind RISC OS Fr, pre-announced an, er, announcement that would made on the morning of the show – and the announcement he pre-announced was indeed announced when he said […]

Websites BBC BASIC contest winners announced

Everyone can win with BASIC, that’s the truth (yes, the truth). David Feugey, who runs French-language website, has announced the names of the two winners of the second BBC BASIC programming contest being run via the site.


Last chance to win £200 off the price of the Eastwood

Or whatever it’s eventually going to be called – that’s how you win the prize! CJE Micro‘s “Name that Tune Computer” competition, which offers punters the chance to win £200 off the price of their new system by coming up with a name for the beast, will come to a close on 30th June, 2015. […]


IGEPv5 at Dutch eXperience on Saturday

Announcement from Chris Evans, 5th May, 2015. We know that some people are eager to get their hands on the latest, fastest ever RISC OS Computer, so for the next generation of RISC OS Computer, with a next generation CPU, we have launched an Early Adopter Scheme!


Get in early, adopt an IGEPv5

A Fistful of Dollars allows you to run The Gauntlet with an early version! Although the new computer from CJE Micro’s is not yet complete, there are apparently (and unsurprisingly) people eager to get their hands on what is expected to be the fastest ever RISC OS computer to date – so Chris Evans says […]


Competition: Snappy name needed for snappy computer!

Entries on a StrongARM processor card postcard! At the recent Southwest Show, CJE Micro’s were showing off a prototype version of a new RISC OS computer based around an IGEPv5 (Cortex A15) processor, and Andrew Conroy told me that they were planning a competition to name the new computer. That competition has now been officially […]


Programming contest on RISC OS FR

Start singing programming for your supper Pi David Feugey, who hosts and serves up the French language website using a Raspberry Pi, has announced the site’s first programming contest – to write something in BBC BASIC, the programming language that is included in the ROM image of all versions of RISC OS, as well […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 6th August 2011

Dorian Computing have made available from their website one updated and one new piece of software. Originally written by Philip Macfarlane in 1991 and “released into the public domain,” DragCom is an application designed to provide a desktop front-end for star commands, making it easier to specify arguments (often files) by allowing them to be […]