News nybble: RDSP beta receives a tune up

AMCOG Games’ Tony Bartram has released an updated beta [zip] version of his Wavebox-inspired synthesiser module, RDSP. The module provides modern RISC OS computer systems with the means to both synthesise sounds, and play back sound samples with various effects applied to them. The latest version – the second beta release – adds support for […]


News nybble: Start 2017 with a bang!

And a drum loop, and some chords… If you’ve not yet had a chance to look at this year’s RISC OS Awards poll, or simply have yet to decide what to choose in some categories, Tony Bartram of Amcog Games has released something to help you make that decision in at least one category. Tony […]


News nybble: AMPlayer now plays on ARM… v8

Rob Sprowson has released version 1.41 of AMPlayer – a module and command line application which provides facilities to decode and play audio MPEG files, such as MP3s.¬† For users of the latest Raspberry Pi, the big change is that this version is compatible with 26-bit and 32-bit ARM processors up to and including ARMv8. […]


ProSound updated for ARMv7 compatibility

ProSound as a propound! A new version of ProSound has been released by Henrik Bjerregaard Pedersen, updated for compatibility with ARMv7 Рwhich means almost all the platforms on which RISC OS currently runs.


Wow and flutter analysis application

Nothing to do with World of Warcraft or Betty Boop! Jim Lesurf has released an application called LP_WowAndFlutter, with which you can examine and measure any “wow and flutter” produced by an LP replay system which, with vinyl apparently coming back into fashion, might be useful when those old turntables are pulled back into service.


ARMX6 OS update six brings HDMI audio

About a week ago, R-Comp made OS Update 6 available to users of the ARMSX ARMX6 computer. The update brings with it a very welcome new feature for those using it via a HDMI connection to a monitor that has speakers – or those with other audio equipment that they’d like to use – because […]


AMPlayer updated for ARMv7 processors

Announcement from Rob Sprowson, 27th September, 2015. After a prolonged 4660 day period of perpetual beta status, an updated version of the AMPlayer modules is now available from at:


ID3TagEd updated to version 0.50, 0.51

0.501 replaces 0.25 – that’s, like, twice more than twice as good, innit? Chris Johnson has announced the release of version 0.50 of ID3TagEd and, since that announcement, he has updated the software yet again to version 0.51.