News nybble: Animated graphics examples land on Graphics Programming website

Richard Ashbery has updated his Graphic Programming Website, on which he provides a handy introduction to writing graphical ditties in BBC BASIC. This update inserts a section 6, entitled Animated Patterns, on which there is a zip file to download containing over thirty programs to run, edit, and just enjoy. Referring to the page, Richard […]


News bit: HTML to RISC OS colour conversion tool

Tim Hill has added an online HTML to RISC OS colour conversion tool, Hex 2 Percent, to his website. The page accepts a six digit HTML hexadecimal colour value as input, and returns the red, green and blue percentage values used by RISC OS colour pickers.


RISCOScode down – but not out

The website may be gone, but the Twitter feed lives on! Some people may have noticed that the RISCOScode website has disappeared. During a brief discussion on comp.sys.acorn.misc, Chris Evans reported that the site’s owner, Martin Hansen, had made the decision to ‘retire’ the site in order to “free up time for other RISC OS […]


News nybble: Icon Bar interviews Jeffrey Lee

For those who have yet to read it, The Icon Bar – a site that once upon a time saw regular news and features posted to it, and seems to be starting to do so again – has this weekend published an interview with Jeffrey Lee. Jeffrey, as every RISC OS user should know, puts […]


RISC OS Fr launches Raspberry Pie contest

Despite the ‘e’ it is computer-related, and not some kind of Great British French Bake Off. Shortly before this year’s Wakefield Show David Feugey, the man behind RISC OS Fr, pre-announced an, er, announcement that would made on the morning of the show – and the announcement he pre-announced was indeed announced when he said […]


Coming soon to a browser near you – RISCOSbits

Just don’t mention the acronym in polite company, mkay? A newly registered domain and associated website has popped up, apparently through which its owner – Andy Marks – intends to sell of his collection of Acorn and RISC OS Spares and Extras. (I did say not to mention the acronym in polite company, didn’t I? […]

Websites BBC BASIC contest winners announced

Everyone can win with BASIC, that’s the truth (yes, the truth). David Feugey, who runs French-language website, has announced the names of the two winners of the second BBC BASIC programming contest being run via the site.