Reporter 2.67 available

Not a hack, but a tool for hackers – and sometimes the hacked off Reporter is an application by Martin Avison that provides a way for Wimp applications (especially those written in BASIC), Obey files, assembler programs, and so on, to easily display text and variable values in a debugging window, and as such can […]


Free books and a magazine to download

David Bradforth of Alligata Media has made two books available as free downloads via his Alligata site on MagCloud. BASIC V for the Acorn Archimedes was written by Mike Williams and originally published by Dabs Press in 1989, and was acquired by Alligata Media in 2005. According to the blurb the “book provides a practical […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 24th February 2012

Basalt and the Toolbox Steve Drain, prompted by a discussion in the RISC OS Open Ltd forum about AppBasic, has written a document about the using the Toolbox with Basalt which, he explains, has never been very well described. Basalt (“BASic ALTernative keywords”) is a module that extends BASIC by providing “alternative keywords by extending […]


MakeHelp released

Rik Griffin has recently released a “C99” manual in StrongHelp and HTML formats – which he explains is an ongoing work, and that he’ll be making a new version available soon. This manual was created using what Rik describes as “a ‘documentation generation system’, albeit a very slimline one.”


You have my number; call me

Call is a newly released (beta) module by Steve Drain, designed to send WIMP messages to an application – and therefore allowing the application to carry out specific functions – after a set period, or at regular intervals. The RISC OS timing system and call-back mechanism is normally used by way of two SWIs (software […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 19th November 2011

Following on from the news that Pipedream is now free to download, Gerald Fitton has announced that Fireworkz for RISC OS is also now free to download. Fireworkz is an integrated word processor and spreadsheet package, with some very powerful and useful facilities, which works in a fundamentally different way to PipeDream. Both are very […]