News nybble: Animated graphics examples land on Graphics Programming website

Richard Ashbery has updated his Graphic Programming Website, on which he provides a handy introduction to writing graphical ditties in BBC BASIC. This update inserts a section 6, entitled Animated Patterns, on which there is a zip file to download containing over thirty programs to run, edit, and just enjoy. Referring to the page, Richard […]


Andrew Conroy releases BASIC library for the Raspberry Pi JAM HAT

Encouraging people to be as flashy as he is when his boss isn’t around! Observant readers and show visitors will have noticed that Andrew Conroy has started occasionally having his own presence at RISC OS computer shows – when CJE Micro’s, the company for which he works, isn’t present. What he exhibits is a range […]


News nybble: AMCOG Development Kit version 1.08 now available

The AMCOG Development Kit, designed to make it much easier to write games for RISC OS computers in BBC BASIC, has been updated. The new version is available to download from !Store by existing customers. Version 1.08 brings with it an extended library, including procedures from AMCOG’s Island of the Undead and Stunt Drivers games, […]

User groups

Leila Johnston at ROUGOL, 16th March

No, that’s Leila, not Leela – it’s the one from Hack Circus, not the one from Doctor Who! The March meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London – ROUGOL – should be something quite special for those able to attend: The guest speaker for the meeting is a comedy writer, a technologist, a […]


Programming contest on RISC OS FR

Start singing programming for your supper Pi David Feugey, who hosts and serves up the French language website using a Raspberry Pi, has announced the site’s first programming contest – to write something in BBC BASIC, the programming language that is included in the ROM image of all versions of RISC OS, as well […]


Tokenize – a cross platform BBC BASIC tokeniser

Announcement from Steve Fryatt, 21st May, 2014. After several months of development and discussions in comp.sys.acorn.programmer, I’m pleased to formally announce the existence of Tokenize: a cross-platform tokeniser for BBC1 BASIC V and VI.


Basalt 1.50 beta, Hong Kong 1.50, 1.60, 1.67 released

IF LEN(string$)>255 THEN don’t be left stranded Last month, Steve Drain announced the release of version 1.50 beta of Basalt, his module that provides extra features to BBC BASIC V. This version provides support for long strings, which Steve refers to as ‘strands’. There is also a comprehensive StrongHelp manual, but as yet there isn’t […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 9th October 2011

Pi in the sky – or, at least, near Heathrow Airport For those interested in the Raspberry Pi, the RISC OS London Show (29th October, 2011, St Giles Hotel, Feltham) will be well worth a visit, since the tiny, low cost computer is set to make an appearance. It’s not known at this stage if […]