Interested in coding on RISC OS? Join the informal fireside chat

Anyone with an interest in coding on RISC OS – at any level – is invited to join an initial fireside chat, starting at 7:30pm on Saturday, 26th November. Organised by Andrew McCarthy in cooperation with Paolo Zaino and the RISC OS Community project, the idea dates back to last year when Andrew had the initial idea. The aim is to hold a series of meetings on the subject of Coding on RISC OS, and this one is intended to be the first.

There will be no rigid structure to the meeting, instead it will be an informal one, at which the direction and subject matter will be discussed in a more general way, with some specific points to be raised either by Paolo himself or, if he is unable to make it, Andrew McCarthy on his behalf.

There are no requirements to be an expert programmer, to be doing so in a professional capacity, or to be using a specific language; the meeting is open to anyone. If you’re a beginner in BASIC or someone adept in assembler; if you’re a capable C coder or a practising python professional; even if you use another language entirely, it doesn’t matter – if you are interested in programming on the platform, this get together is for you.

The meeting will be held online, using the Zoom video conferencing system, so you can join in from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and a device on which the software can be run.

You will also need the credentials to join the meeting, and these are available from Andrew McCarthy, by sending him a direct message on ChatCube from your RISC OS desktop, using the Twitter or Mastodon social media platforms, or by email if you’ve previously been in contact with him before. If none of those are possible, you can also get them by sending an email to RISCOSitory.

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