Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 12th October, 2014

If news were a hot dog, this would be the ketchup. (Ketchup? Catch-up? Geddit? No? Ho hum – where’s my coat?) Here at the RISCOSitory/Soft Rock Software top secret underground bunker (whose entrance is cunningly disguised as a ramshackle shed) things have become somewhat busy positively hectic over the last couple of months, which has […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 19th March, 2014

Bringing you the latest yesterday’s last week’s month’s YEAR’s news TODAY! Thanks to a previous engagement being cancelled, an unexpectedly free day means I can – finally – root through my archive of possible news and put together a snippets-post of things that really ought to have been reported on before now on RISCOSitory.


WimpBasic website back online

Announcement from John Peachey, 3rd March, 2014 After rather too long I have finally got around to putting the contents of the old WimpBasic website back online. The new site contains all of the applications that appeared on the old site, along with two tutorials, and system resources.


DrWimpC App Builder updated

Announcement from Peter Miller, 25th February, 2014 A new version of DrWimpC App Builder (1.21) is available containing the following changes: Added a menu to the New App dialogue to allow selection of either the ResFind program (by the German Archimedes Group (GAG)) or the new ResFinder program (by Rick Murray) to set the application […]


DrWimpC App Builder 1.20 released

Announcement from Pete Miller, 9th January, 2014 DrWimpC App Builder 1.20 is available for download from the DrWimpC website. This release contains various bug fixes and introduces several new features and updated, expanded StrongHelp documentation.

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 7th July 2013

Because breaking catching up is never easy… After falling behind with RISCOSitory updates late last year, I’ve been getting to the stage where I think I’ve almost caught back up, and then things get a little hectic and I fall behind again. I’ve therefore decided to resurrect the ‘snippets’ format to round up a few […]



It’s BASIC, Jim, but not as we know it. Chris Gransden, who has ported a number of emulators and games to RISC OS, has been busy again. In December, he released a test version of XAMOS [direct download], ported to RISC OS after it was suggested on the RISC OS Open forums. Originally published by […]


OSLib 7.00 released

OSLib! OSLib! OSLib! Oi! Oi! Oi! The release of OSLib 7.00 was announced in December by John Tytgat, who said: On behalf of the entire OSLib development team, I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of OSLib 7.00, an Open Source API for RISC OS development.


TBX C++ library version 0.6 alpha available

Classy! Back at the end of November, Alan Buckley released a new version of TBX, his C++ library. The library is designed to help with the development of Toolbox based C++ applications for RISC OS, and comes with a user guide and reference documentation, and examples of its use are available as additional downloads, including […]

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A better late than never introduction for the RISC OS world to the #RaspberryJam RISC OS users should by now need no introduction to the Raspberry Pi – but in case there is anyone reading this who has been living as a hermit for the last few years with no access to the internet (or […]