CJE Micro’s will not be attending London 2021

But promises significant announcement next week

With the pandemic still a key consideration for many people, it’s inevitable that there will be some people and companies who will choose not to attend the London Show, which will be taking place as a physical event on Saturday, 30th October. CJE Micro’s is one such example.

Chris Evans feels that given the current situation with the virus, taking into account his own health and the welfare of the company’s customers, attending the show is not an option.

However, even though the company will not be present, Chris explains that they have been busy developing new RISC OS products and sourcing spare parts, and therefore expect to make announcements regarding these over the next few months. Further, with the show fast approaching, he says CJE Micro’s will be making at least one significant announcement next week along with a RISC OS partner.

Meanwhile, the little slightly bigger shop industrial unit with a lot of stock continues to be available to take orders by telephone or via the website, and to welcome customers to their premises – though anyone visiting them in person is required to wear a mask and maintain a social distance.

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