Backplanes (are) back, alright!

(For) A-seven-kays (yeah)1

If you have an A7000 or A7000+ machine and have a podule to fit, or even if you already have one fitted, but think there is room for improvement, CJE Micro’s has your back(plane).

The little now slightly bigger shop with a lot of stock has taken a look at A7000 backplanes, and concluded not only that it’s an Acorn upgrade that has become very rare – and presumably one for which they’ve seen some demand – and so decided to produce a batch themselves. And not only that, but they’ve also decided there was room for improvement, so put on their thinking tinkering caps.

The result of that is the availability of three new backplanes for A7000 and A7000+ computers, featuring an I2C connector and an optional Real Time Clock module, with prices ranging from £49.00 to £72.00 (including VAT and UK delivery) depending which version you choose. The three options are:

In all three cases, a mounting bracket and screws are included, but a fan is not – but one is available if required.


  1. Backstreet Boys are definitely not part of my normal listening, so I feel that I am now a lesser person than I was before, and I shall hang my head in shame while I think about what I’ve done.

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