CJE Micro’s and 4D offer continued support but limited ordering

While the current emergency restrictions are in place, introduced at the start of this week in order to try and slow the spread of the novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2, CJE Micro’s and 4D have said that they are still able to offer support for customers by email and telephone.

However, while mail order operations are generally able to continue, two staff members of the pair of companies have opted to remain at home rather than run the gauntlet of travelling to work. With fewer staff on site – only Chris Evans, who lives reasonably close to the new premises – there is a reduction in available manpower, so the company has said that orders will be limited only to more urgent items. They therefore ask that should you need to place an order and it is urgent, please make them aware of that.

For what should be very obvious reasons, the premises are closed to in-person shoppers. The only callers there will be any interaction with are couriers and postal workers – and even that needs to be as little as possible!

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