New PS/2 to Archimedes keyboard/mouse interface

A new design of interface for connecting a PS/2 keyboard and mouse to an older era Acorn ARM-based system is now available from CJE Micro’s.

Compatible with the Archimedes A300/A400 series, as well as the A540, A5000, and so on, the interface makes it possible to use almost any PS/2 keyboard and mouse with the computer, providing an alternative solution if the Acorn keyboard or mouse proves to be faulty, and potentially expensive to replace. Acorn’s own standard RiscPC keyboard is even useable with the interface.

The Acorn keyboards for those earlier machines also incorporated a ‘reset’ key, and the firmware for the new interface emulates the action of that key when the ‘Windows’ and ‘Break’ keys are pressed together.

Another benefit of the interface is that it opens up the possibility of using a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) device fwith the older Acorn machines, which means less desk clutter with those three devices able to be shared between multiple machines.

The new interface is available for £58.80 including UK postage and VAT.

CJE says that the board layout was designed so that it could also be used as a PIC16Fxxx development board, and can also supply assembled PCBs with or without a 16F628A or case, making four combinations.

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