Wanted by CJE at Wakefield… erm, Bradford

While the pandemic may have slowed things down for many people and businesses, it appears that for CJE Micro’s and 4D there has been at least one area where they were kept very busy. That’s selling retro systems to many far flung places around the globe.

Chris Evans reports that the companies have been flogging (and therefore sending) computers ranging from early Acorn Atoms all the way up to IyonixPCs to customers in a long list of countries – pretty much covering every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

He therefore suggests that if anyone has any old kit that needs a new home, they can probably find it one – and it may need to make sure it has a current passport and all its vaccinations are up to date. Bring it along to the Wakefield Show next Saturday (21st May, in Bradford), and they’ll happily take it off your hands.

The website holds a list of specific items needed, which is much more than just the retro computers, and Chris asks that if you have something bulky, such as the monitors listed, please let him know in advance so space can be prepared for the journey back South.

He also notes that cash is offered for some of the more valuable items – things like ViewFinders, Net100s, and UniPods. Again, though, if you have anything like this, please get in touch before the show to agree a price.

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