StreetFix poll on linguistic nomenclature

Kevin Wells is adding multi-language support to his StreetFix application, which can be used to report and check up on local issues, such as potholes, broken bollards, street lights not working, and so on.

To that end, he’s running a poll on whether the choice for the language name should be in English, or specified in the language in question – for example, should Swedish be identified as that, making it obvious for English speakers, or should it be Svenska, to make it clearer to Swedish speakers?

The poll was opened a couple of days ago, and – unless brought to a close early by Kevin – should run for a while yet, so you have plenty of time to choose an option.

I should add at this point that I feel the logical choice would be to use the native language. It’s certainly helped me when faced with a device set to another language to find a reference to ‘English’ in the settings – which I immediately (and correctly) assumed meant I was looking at the language setting, and that was the language I needed to choose.

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