Meet Andy Vawer at ROUGOL – 20th May

The RISC OS Developments programmer behind Pinboard2, the Wi-Fi drivers, and more

Since its inception, with the original aim of producing a web browser, there have been a lot of good news coming out of RISC OS Developments Ltd (ROD) – from the browser itself, Iris (albeit still in testing and not yet ready for public release), taking on ownership of the operating system and releasing it under a truly open licence, and much more, including development of additional software.

Some of that other software – such as Pinboard2, a new TCP/IP stack, and the new Wi-Fi drivers and Network Manager – is the work of Andy Vawer, and he will be joining the RISC OS User Group of London (ROUGOL) in the pub for their next meeting, which is on Monday, 20th May, at:

The Duke of Sussex,
(upstairs in either the Chichester or Petworth Room),
23 Baylis Road,
SE1 7AY.

There should be a Pinebook Pro and/or a Raspberry Pi available at the meeting, on which a selection of Andy’s software will be running for people to try out – a very good reason to get along to the pub if you can. However, for anyone who can’t make it to the pub the meeting will be a hybrid one, so you can join the fun via Zoom.

The meeting proper will start at 7:45pm, but there should be ROUGOL members lurking in the pub from around 6:30pm, while online attendees can join the meeting from around 7:30pm.

If you are attending in person, the pub is very easy to reach via public transport, and there is parking right outside for anyone coming by car – there are directions available on the ROUGOL website.

If you are attending online, the credentials you need to join the meeting are the same as previous months – so you should have them if you’ve joined previously, otherwise simply get in touch with ROUGOL to receive them by email.

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