WROCC comes face to face with Doom, thanks to Gerph

Okay, it’s a talk, and it’ll also feature Hexen and Heretic

Coming just days after this year’s Wakefield Show, the next Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club (WROCC) meeting will take place on Wednesday, 1st May, and the guest speaker will be Charles Ferguson, aka Gerph.

He’ll be talking about the work he did to port Doom to RISC OS, which was during his university days, and later became the enhanced Doom+, which was then followed by ports of Heretic and Hexen. And more recently, updated versions of the games, allowing them to take advantage of the extra ‘oomph’ on modern RISC OS platforms.

Many programming projects include work that can be very challenging, as well as elements that bring enjoyment, not least of course the moment the outcome of all the effort is realised, and a functioning program can be run, and played in the case of games – and Gerph’s talk will cover these aspects of bringing the games to RISC OS.

There may be some demonstrations, but bear in mind that the meeting will be held online, using Zoom – so as well as battling the various monsters in the games, any demos will also see a battle between the frame-rates of the games and the bandwidth provided by Zoom.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 1st May, at 7:45pm, and to join it you’ll need a device with the Zoom software installed, an internet connection, and the meeting credentials. The latter remain the same as other recent meetings, so if you’ve joined one of those you should have them – but if not, just contact WROCC in plenty of time to receive them.

The meeting is open to any RISC OS user, regardless of WROCC membership status, but it’s well worth supporting the group by joining; the cost is just £7.50 each year, and you get the group’s self-titled monthly newsletter sent to your inbox as a PDF file, along with access to their online discussion forum.

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