MACadd a vCard to your address book

Kevin Wells has released version 1.05 of MACadd, his application to dig into the details of any given MAC address. The new version allows the company name and address behind the MAC address to be exported as a vCard file, ready for importing into a contact database.


News nybble: MACadd gets a bug fix

Kevin Wells has released another new version of MACadd, his application that looks up MAC addresses online and displays the found information. The latest version benefits from the removal of a bug whereby the application could crash if the MAC address being checked is either invalid, or not in the database of the MAC Vendors […]


News nybble: MACadd subtracts a typo

Kevin Wells has released an update to his application for looking up information about MAC addresses – the unique identifiers assigned to network interfaces. The new version of MACadd can be downloaded from his website, and fixes a silly typo (the word Company was incorrectly spelt). The application uses Wget to retrieve the information it […]


News nybble: Helpful addition to MACadd

Kevin Wells has released a new version of MACadd, his application for looking up and displaying public information about MAC addresses, giving it a bigger address field, and rather than the country code, it now displays the country name. It also now benefits from the addition of interactive help. In order to work, the software […]


MACadd gets an API update

Kevin Wells has released a new version of MACadd, an application that retrieves information about the vendor associated with a given MAC address, and displays it to the user.

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 27th June, 2015

You heard it here first eventually! With a ridiculously busy period now over (mostly – and until/unless things get silly again), it’s time to round up what’s happened in the intervening period in the world of RISC OS.