Synchronise those directories with DirSync 1.10

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Jan-Jaap van der Geer has released the latest version of DirSync, an application that allows two directory structures to be compared visually, enabling you to filter the differences you see in several ways so that it only shows you newer files, for example, or only files that appear in one of the two directories, and so on. The software then allows you to specify which files should be the same in both places and, where necessary, which version should be copied to the other location, and then synchronise the two directories. Continue reading

CJE taking advance orders for the RISC OS London Show

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As anyone who has ever attended a RISC OS show must undoubtedly know, CJE Micro’s tend to have a stand overflowing with goods with which to tempt punters. However, clearly admitting that contrary to popular belief they don’t use a TARDIS to transport them and their stock to and from shows, Chris Evans points out that “Whilst we will have our normal show stock and a few extras with us on Saturday we are often asked at shows for items we haven’t brought with us.” Continue reading

RISC OS-friendly monitors from R-Comp at the London Show

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R-Comp Interactive, who fairly recently announced that they had sourced some new 24 and 27 inch televisions that were suitable for use with the ARMini and other BeagleBoard based computers, will be bringing a selection of 23, 24 and 27 inch monitors to the RISC OS London Show on Saturday 29th October. These screens are tested to produce excellent results at high resolutions on a variety of computers, including R-Comp’s ARMini and RISCube ranges, BeagleBoards, PCs, and also older computers with an analogue output such as the IYONIX or A9home. They will also work with RiscPCs, but at slightly lower resolutions. Continue reading

The 2011 RISC OS London Show looms

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Hopefully, everyone in the RISC OS world is already aware that this coming Saturday, 29th October, is the date of this year’s RISC OS London Show, the last major event of 2011 for our little community. The show is to be held in the same venue as last year, the St Giles Hotel, Feltham, with doors opening to the public from 11am, and remaining open until 5pm. Continue reading

Drag ‘n Drop ceases publication

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With all but one of the subscription based RISC OS magazines having ceased publication, back in 2009 Paul Stewart decided to launch a new magazine – Drag ‘n Drop – and, avoiding the pressure and commitment brought about by taking subscriptions, each issue of the magazine was published online as a PDF file which users could download after purchasing.

Two years and two volumes of four issues later, it appears from comments on the Drag ‘n Drop website that Paul has decided to cease publication.

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R-Comp Interactive announces ARMini software scheme for BeagleBoard users

With the BeagleBoard forming the heart of R-Comp Interactive‘s ARMini computer, it’s easy to see that some of R-Comp’s developments and releases for their computer might be relevant to those people who have put together their own RISC OS computers using the board. Well, now those “DIY” users have a way to access those developments: R-Comp have announced an annual subscription based scheme whereby users of home built RISC OS computers based around a BeagleBoard can receive the software* and support enjoyed by ARMini owners. Continue reading

TBAFS 26bit version available for download

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Alan Peters of TBA Software has announced that the 26bit version of TBAFS is now available for download. In a post on the RISC OS Open Ltd forum, and a similar one on the TBA Blog, he stresses that this is version 1.01 of the software, dating from 1996 and that it has only been tested on versions of RISC OS up to 3.7, and requires the “Acorn” toolbox modules.

The software can be found on the TBA downloads page, along with a 32bit beta version of TBAFS, and a version of BBC BASIC featuring VFP/SIMD support in the assembler.

Snippets – 9th October 2011

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Pi in the sky – or, at least, near Heathrow Airport

For those interested in the Raspberry Pi, the RISC OS London Show (29th October, 2011, St Giles Hotel, Feltham) will be well worth a visit, since the tiny, low cost computer is set to make an appearance. It’s not known at this stage if it will be running RISC OS by the time of the show, but it seems likely that it will be on the RISC OS Open Ltd stand, judging by comments in their forum.

Speaking of the Raspberry Pi, in my Snippets post of 6th August I mentioned a logo competition. Well, that competition is now closed and an excellent winning design chosen.

There’s gold in them there web pages

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Snippets – 10th September 2011

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QuadDioph is a new piece of software from Martin Carradus. It’s an application that solves or finds “solution of certain Quadratic Diophantine Equations, of the form x^2 + B.x.y + A.y^2 = z^p, (e.g. x^2 + y^2 = z^2, two squares adding to a square, or x^2 + y^2 = z^3, two squares adding to a cube).” The application is free to download from Martin’s website.

Martin Wuerthner has announced that an ARMv7 compatible version of InterGif. Version 6.18 can be used on the BeagleBoard, ARMini, etc. InterGif is an application for converting graphics from RISC OS Sprite and Draw formats to GIF format with optimised palettes, allowing them to be viewed on other platforms, and used on websites. Originally written by Peter Harley and now maintained by Martin Wuerthner, the software also allows GIF animations to be created from a series of Sprites, and can also convert from GIF to Sprite format.

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PipeDream 4.50/23 now free to download

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Gerald Fitton of Abacus Training has announced via the Archive-on-Line mailing list that he has now received permission from Colton Software “to make a version of PipeDream 4.50/23 available as Freeware.”

In his message to the list, Gerald explains his long standing history with Colton Software and PipeDream, which started in (or around) 1988, soon after the Acorn Archimedes first appeared. Gerald and his wife, Jill, were “invited by Colton Software to create a support service for their newly developed, integrated word-processor spread-sheet Program called PipeDream” – which they did in the form of a floppy disk, produced on a quarterly basis, filled with articles, information and examples of PipeDream in use, called PipeLine.

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