Impression-X on !Store and in Holland

Announcement from Andrew Rawnsley, 5th May, 2015.

We are pleased to announce that the long-awaited Impression-X is now available via !Store. Please look for !Store in your Apps folder on your icon bar, or go to to download it for free1.

Impression-X is designed to offer the definitive Impression desktop publishing experience (you’ll remember Impression Style, Publisher and Publisher Plus), building on the extensive feature set of Publisher Plus, and adding capabilities such as increased filename length (and spaces/DOS names), many fixes (e.g. master pages) and more.

Impression-X is an ongoing project – roughly half of the code has been converted to 32bit/ARMv7 safe – so some support from Aemulor is required on OS5, but this is implemented in a transparent manner. Just double-click the program and it’ll work without any messing around. Purchasing Impression-X now gets you the very latest version, as well as future updates as the software develops.

This is also the definitive RISC OS 3.x/RISC OS 4.x release – the old copy protection issues are gone, making it easy to get up and running. The new version automatically detects which OS version it is running on and adjusts itself accordingly, giving the best Impression experience regardless of OS. If you use any version of Impression – Jr, Acorn Advance WP, Style, Publisher or Publisher Plus, you are strongly urged to move to Impression-X.

We’ll also be bringing Impression-X to the Dutch eXpo this weekend, with CD versions for customers to buy at the R-Comp stand.

Note that Impression-X isn’t an R-Comp product, we’re simply providing a sales outlet for its author, who can be contacted at


  1. It is possible that this opening paragraph could be read slightly ambiguously, so to make absolutely clear: It is the download of !Store that is free from its website, not the download of Impression-X from within !Store. As the final sentence of the third paragraph should make clear, Impression-X is a commercial product. The price is £60 – which, judging by what I’ve heard people say of members of the Impression family over the years, sounds like a very good price.

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