IGEPv5 at Dutch eXperience on Saturday

Announcement from Chris Evans, 5th May, 2015.

We know that some people are eager to get their hands on the latest, fastest ever RISC OS Computer, so for the next generation of RISC OS Computer, with a next generation CPU, we have launched an Early Adopter Scheme!

The RISC OS port to the IGEPv51 based system is not yet complete and there are outstanding issues. These are being addressed and significant advances are being made.

We will have a few systems available at the Dutch RISC OS eXperience on the 9th May.

With a premium base system the price is slightly more than other current RISC OS systems but we feel it will be well worth the extra!

Some details at www.cjemicros.co.uk/igepv5 – more to follow!

When we are able to do a full release we will be offering IGEPv5 RISC OS Heart(tm) upgrades for MiniITX cased systems.

  1. Get 200GBP off in our IGEPv5 system naming competition.

See you on Saturday, we hope.

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