Jan Vibe’s graphics programs find their way to YouTube

Well, their output does, anyway, thanks to Richard Ashbery. Those who have been on the RISC OS scene long enough to remember our printed magazines – Acorn User in particular – will undoubtedly remember the graphics delights provided by Danish programmer Jan Vibe, whose programs featured regularly as type-in listings in the magazine (and later […]


News nybble: PhotoDesk 3.14 available at London Show

A new version of leading bitmap graphics editor PhotoDesk will be available at the London Show on Saturday from 4D, the sister company of CJE Micro’s. The new version brings a number of changes, including better JPEG support and improved compatibility for a number of modern RISC OS platforms (with support for the Raspberry Pi […]


IGEPv5 and Titanium graphics compatibility for ConvImgs

Now copes with setirps as well as sprites. Given that Chris Johnson has already added compatibility to Snapper for the new graphics format found on IGEPv5 and Titanium systems – not to mention the assistance he gave to David Pilling for Ovation Pro‘s support for the new formats – it’s probably not a huge surprise […]


ARMX6 display and networking capabilities improved

R-Comp Interactive’s already great ARMSX ARMX6 computer has just got better, thanks to an operating system update just released by the company. The headline feature of the update is support for ultra-high definition monitors. UHD monitors provide a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels – sometimes (arguably incorrectly) referred to as 4K or UHD 4K – giving […]

Snippets (mixed news)

Snippets – 19th March, 2014

Bringing you the latest yesterday’s last week’s month’s YEAR’s news TODAY! Thanks to a previous engagement being cancelled, an unexpectedly free day means I can – finally – root through my archive of possible news and put together a snippets-post of things that really ought to have been reported on before now on RISCOSitory.


Alpha release of new image viewing application

Show me the money JPEG! Towards the end of June Chris Gransden, who has ported a number of emulators and games to RISC OS, released an alpha version of a new application for viewing images on the platform, explaining that “There are quite a few variants of various existing image formats and more recent formats […]


ConvImgs – a new image transformation tool

Siiiiiiiize of an elephant JPEG! Well known developer Chris Johnson, who maintains a number of applications, some his own, some taken over from David Pilling, recently released a new application for the batch conversion of a variety of image types, with some transformations of those images being possible at the same time.


Lossless JPEG transformations made easy with TranJPEG

You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a record JPEG baby, right round round round. Chris Johnson, well known for a number of applications, in particular the likes of Snapper and SyncDiscs, both of which began life with David Pilling and later taken over by Chris, recently announced version 1.00 of TranJPEG (mirror), […]


Snapper jumps from version 1.17 to 1.20

One, two, miss a few, ninety-nine, one hundred. Snapper is a screen-capture program, originally written by David Pilling and supplied with his scanning and image processing software, and now maintained and further developed by Chris Johnson.The software provides an easy way to save areas of the screen as sprites, something that can also be done […]


OpenVector suite 3.43 available

Two’s company, three’s a suite. A new version of the OpenVector suite is now available. The three applications that form the suite – OpenVector, OpenGridPro and DrawPlus – are open source enhancements to Draw. The first two of those were originally developed by Jonathan Marten from the third, DrawPlus, and released as commercial applications by […]